They played a trick on the wrong car

Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in |

Two years ago I had lots of halloween decorations in my front yard. Cobwebs, giant spiders, bats, ghosts, you name it. We were all set up. And lots of lollies. But the problem when your kids are young is that you have to accompany them on their trick or treating. So there was no-one left at home to hand out the lollies. I left a giant bowl of lollies right at the front door, and left it to the honour system that kids would only take a few each.
But when we got back half an hour later, the lollies had run out. And there were a couple of eggs decorating the car in front of our house. I guess the tricksters didn’t realise it wasn’t our car. We don’t have a driveway or garage, and that day I had to park halfway down the street because the spot out front was taken. Just their bad luck I guess. It’ll be interesting to see if the spot is free this halloween. And whether i park there or not.

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