Halloween Recipes

Halloween recipes for a great halloween party. Creating halloween food for a party lets you be much more creative than for trick-or-treats – you can decorate your table as much as you like, and take care with the presentation. I still like the old kid’s favourite – blindfold them and tell them they’re eating eyeballs – when it’s just peeled grapes. You can have a lot of fun coming up with names for each food. I had a lot of fun going through Pinterest looking for halloween food ideas – here’s my board.

And here are recipes we’ve tried:

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Kitty Litter Cake

Easy to make, even for a novice cook. Ingredients – two packet cake mixes (one vanilla and one choco …

Halloween Eyes 2

These are for an adult palate. Start with an eye-shaped oval leaf such as basil (I used rocket – tha …

Water Brain

One Small Watermelon Peeler Small Knife Plate 1. Take Watermelon and cut a slice off the bottom for …

Used Ear Buds

Soooo grooosss no adults would eat them, Buy some lolly pop sticks, pop mini marshmallows on each en …

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