Halloween Craft

Great halloween craft ideas.


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Skull Bowling

Half fill a plastic skull on a stick(remove stick) with sand and plug hole with hot glue to seal. Save up some empty soft drink bottles put about a cup of sand in each and re apply lid. Spray outside with black paint and glue spooky cut outs to outside …

Snot Rag Mache

From Belinda: Hi everyone, I have been doing a community halloween event for last couple of years. And thus, been on a shoe string budget, but there are some really cheap and effective ways of making decorations Snot Rag’s and Aluminium Foil are Cheap …

Snot Box

Very easy to make, we had this tissue box that my daughter had decorated when she was about 4 so I updated it for Halloween with black gloss spray paint and then hot glued some fake flowers, skulls and spiders on to it. You can get the boxes from Bunni …

Blood Splatter Table Cloths

I bought some cheap white cotton sheets from the op shop ($2) and a bottle of red food colouring($1). Then laid the sheets out in the back yard, popped the full bottle of food colouring and some water in a spray bottle, I wanted to acheive a body void …

Haunted House

Standard craft ingredients – black cardboard, paint, paper confetti, cotton wool, and any other decorations your kids would like to add, to look like your house.


This is a REALLY cheep and reasonably easy way of making a reeper. I picked up the curatins at an Op-Shop, and used clothes hangers I already had so material cost worked out to be about $3 – 5 each. You’ll need a wire clothes hanger, wire, snot rag sku …

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