Halloween 2023

Posted by on Oct 1, 2023 in Halloween News |

Hi everyone, time to get ready for Halloween in Australia for 2023.

My fantasies of moving to the country and learning how to use all the tools to make awesome halloween decorations such as catapults, conveyor belts and other wondrous things out of wood haven’t come to pass. Instead I spend all my offline time in the garden (there’s a rainforest to regenerate, and foods to plant!).

So the site is chugging along on auto-pilot mostly.

You can list your trick or treat locations without no real involvement from me. I’ve locked it down pretty much to deter spammers – there aren’t any author pages or places to put links. I do login every now and then, and if there’s a user account that doesn’t have any trick or treat location attached, I do delete them. Apologies if you were in the middle of adding a location – you can always just resubmit it.

I did get slugged with a massive bill from Google Maps last year, as the site was so popular on Oct 29-31 that it exceeded the free maps allowance. So I’ve swapped over to Open Maps data.

Looking at the long-range rainfall it looks like good weather for Halloween up here, so get cracking on the decorations everyone.


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