Halloween 2019

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And now for something completely different.

I swear we were in front of the zeitgeist, not in response to it, but we’re escaping from the city.

At Christmas we went on holiday to Byron Bay, and made an offer on a block of land in the hinterland, with views to the mountains. A little bit impulsive, but actually quite logical, given family nearby.

Any the first thing I did when I got home (apart from putting my house on the market) was to offer all of my halloween decorations to the kids next door. Yep – 12 years of accumulated halloween decorations (well, minus one skeleton).

Possibly I should have asked the parents first, as they were unable to say no to their kids after an offer like that, without being voted worst-parent-ever. But given that they had been ramping up their decorations for the last two years, and the kids had loved playing with all of the animated light and sound gadgets, it wasn’t like they were anti-halloween. So now my neighbours will have the best halloween decorations on my old street.

The main reason I gave everything away, was because we’re going to build our own home. So our block of land in the middle of the mountains will be a construction site for the rest of the year, including halloween.

But this week I remembered. There’s a primary school across the road. A tiny one – the first questions neighbours asked was whether we had any kids to go to the school – but still a primary school. Apparently my neighbour’s home is the local hangout after school.

So there will be halloween decorating in my future again. I’ll just be starting from scratch (and seeing how clutter-free/eco/healthily I can do it).

But for Halloween 2019, I won’t have a house. Just a construction site.

So I’ll work on the website instead.

What features would people like to see the most?

  • Improved trick or treat locations?
  • More event locations?
  • The ability to add events and locations yourself, rather than use the contact form?

Let me know on the Facebook page where I’ll post this link.

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