Halloween 2013

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It’s finally the countdown month.

Even the pet shop on the way to work has halloween costumes for dogs in their front window.

Hits on the site are up, so I really need to finish re-entering the trick or treat streets from previous years. You’d think with two teenage boys addicted to the online world that I’d be able to get some cheap data entry, but nope, it’s down to mum again.

I’ve split the Halloween Events into two sections this year – one for party-style events, and another for actual trick or treat locations. Hope that makes it easier – it was mainly so I could experiment with Google maps integration.

In a perfect world I’d have time to learn how to build a mobile app for Halloween to let you find the nearest street, but it looks a little busy this year – I usually seem to catch up on work when I get home, instead of playing with my site.

I bit the bullet and stopped letting everyone join the site as a member – I really was getting 100 spammers each day, and it slowed things down.

So if you’re one of the original contributors, or you’d like to share craft and recipe ideas with others, let me know through the Facebook page, and I’ll create a membership for you – so exclusive! – by invitation only!

There’s not even 4 weeks left, and my front garden still isn’t finished! We have to cut down the roots of a fast-growing (technically a weed) hedge before I can plant my new garden. I won’t have the giant daisies to cover with spider webs this year, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something. I know I’m definitely putting orange cellophane over the solar garden lights – once I trick them into thinking it’s night time.

Hope everyone is busy planning their costumes.

see ya

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