So what is halloween-australia.com?

It’s a free site about halloween in Australia. I’m Australian, but spent 4 years overseas in the US and Japan when my kids were young.  All the local kids would get dressed up and go trick-or-treating together, the neighbours taught us how to carve pumpkins, and we had a great time. And when we moved back to Australia, halloween was starting to take off – there were lots of kids trick-or-treating in our suburb.  But I didn’t know which streets were into it, so I built a site where people could list their street.  I do work in IT, so it’s a way of practising stuff online as well.

Is it free? Do I have to signup?

Yes, it’s free. These days you have to signup – that way you can maintain your listing whenever you want.

What about spam?

I hate spam.  I won’t spam you. So I reserve the right to delete obvious spam comments  – you know, stuff like “make money at my site”, “buy viagra”. If you see someone spamming, please tell me. I’ve had a bunch of sites over the years, and my favourite dog site had to be closed down, because of spam – I’d have a hundred new signups each day, so that people could put links in their profile pages and forum posts. So on this site, I don’t have profile pages or a forum. But I still see people signing up and not creating a trick-or-treat location. Sometimes I’ll delete users without locations – otherwise it just slows the site down.

Annoying/offensive content?

If someone is annoying or offending others with comments, initially I’ll delete the bad stuff, and ask them to stop. If it happens again, I’ll delete the account. But everyone is different – sometimes people don’t realise they’re annoying, so please be patient.

Do you have a newsletter?

Not at this point. And I probably won’t.


I won’t share your details with anyone else.

Can I advertise something halloween-related?

The Halloween Events page (and really the whole site) is for publicly available events, such as halloween streets, community halloween parades etc.

The ads at the top and left of the site are managed through Google, to pay for hosting, and the odd treat.  Or if you have a really good offer (that would pay for some more halloween decorations), drop me a line.

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