Real Halloween

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Love it or hate it, Halloween is a big hit with the local kids. There’s a few must-visit streets in Glebe where adults go all-out in decorating their homes and welcoming the trick-or-treaters. As a trick-or-treater, if you go out too late, you’ll miss all the candy because people literally run out. It’s a great night out, even if it does fall on a weekday this year, and we want to make it even greater.

Starting on the Friday, we’ll have Halloween specials plus something for all kids who come in for a meal dressed up. (Okay, so we’ll extend it to big kids too.) Activities will include:

  • Witches banquet
  • Daily best costume award
  • Colouring-in competition
  • Art and craft activities
  • Forum talks
  • Guessing competition
  • plus more…

We’ll end the celebrations with a special Halloween dinner on the Tuesday night. So go on – start getting your costume ready.

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