Haunting of Oak Beach

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Halloween is a major event in the USA – not so in Australia. Moving from the USA, also shipping a lot of Halloween “stuff” and letting it sit in a shed for 10+ years, it was time to put some of it to use as each Halloween, a few local
Oak Beach kids would always come around for a treat.

So the DEMONISED GHOUL of Oak Beach jumped into action.

Halloween is for “kids of all ages”.  Scary fun for older kids and friendly characters with treats for the younger kids.  2009 was a small event with 2010 growing larger in both volunteers and event goers with 2011 over 4 times larger.  2012 exceeded all expectations with over 1600 “kids of All Ages” joining in the fun.

Big plans for 2013 Event on 25th October – A Must Do Halloween Celebration


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