Hatchet Hunted Halloween Interactive Special Sydney

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How have I never heard of this before?
From the Facebook page….

Join us for our Halloween Special Interactive Horror Experience – HATCHET!

You are transported on a coach to a dark and mysterious camp site. Your hosts assure you that everything is fine, that it’s just a show, an interactive theatre production, all in fun, nothing to REALLY worry about…

But everything’s just a bit TOO real.

A bit TOO convincing.

Especially when the reassurances stop coming…

HATCHET is a pulse – pounding journey into the terror of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You don’t know where you are. You don’t remember the way out. All you know is you’re trespassing.

And the locals are mad…

They’re also hyper adrenalised, armed with home-made axe blades and far more famliar with the terrain than you are…

Escape a darkened farm, chased by merciless strangers intent on chopping you to pieces!

Work with your fellow trespassers to sneak, hide and run your way to freedom…if you can!

HATCHET is your chance to live the terror of a true horror chaser, like Wolf Creek or Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

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