DIY Scare Cancer

Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in | are launching their first national fundraising event, “Scare Cancer” starting now!

To get involved with our ‘Scare Cancer’ campaign, host your own Halloween event. As Halloween falls on a Friday (October 31) get your workmates in the office or on site to dress-up or wear orange and black (as Halloween colours) have a neighbourhood party, even get your school involved by contacting the P&C. Mufti is always fun and kids helping kids is terrific!

The whole idea is to enjoy the Halloween festivities, and at the same time help us ‘Scare Cancer’ away from our children by donating to Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia.

100% of all donations received during the ‘Scare Cancer’ campaign go directly to help the sick kids and their families. Kids with Cancer Foundation support families of pre-teen children (12yrs and under) in financial difficulties due to their child being treated for cancer, along with doctors, nurses, social workers and support groups involved in caring for these children and the many Research Projects that we support.

Visit the site to register and get your Halloween Pack –

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