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This is a REALLY cheep and reasonably easy way of making a reeper. I picked up the curatins at an Op-Shop, and used clothes hangers I already had so material cost worked out to be about $3 – 5 each.

You’ll need a wire clothes hanger, wire, snot rag skull, snot rang hands (how to make snot rag stuff under craft section) and an old curatin.  Stapples or hot glue gun and sissors

Basically its just a matter of ripping all the seams out of the curatain so you just have a big flat piece of matterial.  Cut off a section  at the bottom that is wide enough to cover your skull like a hood (approx 30 – 40 cm wide and any length).  Put this aside for later.

Take the coat hanger lay it on a table flat.  Take the hook bit and bend it up away from the table, then give it a turn.  This will become the bit you hang the reeper from.   Now take the large piece of material  fold it roughly in half and tread the coat hanger through the material in the centre of the fold. If you hold up the coat hanger, the material should hang off it like it has shoulders.

Secure your hands to a piece of wire long enough to be an arm (it sometimes helps if you double the wire over and twist it all the way along, this will make it stronger).  Lift the edges of the material and secure the end of the wire to the coat hanger.  When you let go the edges of the material will look kind of like sleaves.   Secure the skull to the top of the coat hanger and then attach the hood.

Now just add some cuts to the material or rips, bend your arms into the pose you are after and your done.  I have used this with different heads and different hands, some looking more like real faces and some more like skulls, and ripped/tattered material accordingly and you end up with a great result.

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