Halloween 2023

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Hi everyone, time to get ready for Halloween in Australia for 2023. My fantasies of moving to the country and learning how to use all the tools to make awesome halloween decorations such as catapults, conveyor belts and other wondrous things out of wood haven’t come to pass. Instead I spend all my offline time in the garden (there’s a rainforest to regenerate, and foods to plant!). So the site is chugging along on auto-pilot mostly. You can list your trick or...

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Halloween 2022

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Halloween is always fun. And there are always challenges. Living in a rural/semi-rural area (technically it’s a small village, or hamlet) is also both – fun, and challenging. There are definitely pros – it was easy to isolate during covid. Isolation is our natural state. It’s beautiful being surrounded by trees. And also cons – it can be hard to get deliveries. There is no Uber Eats or corner shop if you run out of milk. This time last year I...

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Halloween 2021 – Covid-19 Tips

Posted by on Oct 10, 2021 in Halloween News |

Who would have thought we’d still be battling Covid-19 for Halloween in 2021? Last year everything was still kind of new, with people unsure whether trick-or-treating would go ahead at all, making it very hard to plan – both families just wanting to have fun, and retailers whose business depended on selling halloween products. There were some truly creative solutions created – have a look at all of the different halloween chutes in the pinterest board...

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Halloween Parties Inside

Posted by on Sep 5, 2020 in Halloween News |

It’s September now, and time to knuckle down and plan the details for Halloween. When the kids were younger we spent a few years living in Tokyo.It was great fun – we lived across the road from their school – and there was a great community of expats, most of whom were American. So they really knew how to throw a cool Halloween Party. One of the best parties was inside a small unit in the middle of Tokyo.You don’t necessarily need a large house and...

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Halloween 2020 and Covid-19

Posted by on Aug 22, 2020 in Halloween News |

It’s late August, and in most years, Halloween addicts are deep in planning how they’ll celebrate Halloween: How will I decorate the house this year?Will I have a party?What sort of treats will I hand out to kids?What costume will the kids wear?What costume will I wear? Halloween 2019 was a non-event for me, for the first time in 15 years. I’d sold my house, given the majority of my halloween decorations to the kids next door, reduced everything I owned to...

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