Halloween in Australia

Welcome to Halloween Australia! And it’s 2021 – hopefully a little better than 2020. I solemnly swear I will have some awesome decorations this year – it’s a good excuse living across the road from a primary school. As long as we don’t have the mother-of-all-hailstorms again at 4pm on Halloween..

Halloween is an increasingly popular occasion in Australia, with regular halloween events, parades and fetes at schools, house decorations, parties, and groups of children and teenagers dressed up in Halloween costumes looking for trick or treat locations through local streets.

For many years in Australia, Halloween was just an excuse for some scary movies on TV, the Halloween specials on The Simpsons, and maybe hiring Friday the Thirteenth at the video shop. Now there are halloween events, parades and parties, and lots of halloween decorations and costumes to help you have some creative fun.

This site provides a place for you to register your suburb and street as a Halloween trick or treat location. List the streets that take part in trick or treating in your suburb, and local customs (such as tying black, orange or purple balloons to your house if you still have treats left), and preferred times for children to trick or treat. You can find or list a Halloween event, if it is open to the public.

Halloween events and Trick-or-treat locations have been separated into different pages. Because usually you want one or the other, depending on your age group.

The first things most people think of with Halloween are:
What shall I wear?
Where shall I party?

If you don’t have time to read any further, or time to make your own costume, why not try Costumebox. Every year I end up buying something from them – whether it’s the Freddie Kruger costume, or more decorations. Great service.

Otherwise, visit the other pages on this site to get ideas on holding your own halloween party, making your own halloween costume, and decorating your own home.

Try recipes for Halloween parties, with a twist. Using Australian ingredients.

Show off and share photos of your costume or decorations.

This aims to be a family-friendly Halloween site, so I actually make all of the updates manually. I used to allow automatic street submissions but the site got hit pretty badly by spammers, so now it’s necessary to submit your location or event via the contact form.

Halloween is traditionally enjoyed on October 31 in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico and most countries. And in all the Halloweens I’ve experienced in Australia, it has been on October 31. See the Halloween History page for more details. Regardless of which day you choose, enjoy your Halloween in Australia!

You can also share items on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/halloween.australia

Most of all, dress up, relax and have fun. It’s a lovely opportunity to meet the neighbourhood kids and families and encourage a local community.

Happy Halloween!


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