Halloween in Australia

Welcome to Halloween Australia!

Halloween is fast becoming a popular occasion in Australia, with regular Halloween events, parades and fetes at schools, house decorations, parties, and groups of children and teenagers dressed up in Halloween costumes, trick or treating through local streets.

Until recently in Australia, Halloween was just an excuse for some scary movies on TV, the Halloween specials on The Simpsons, and maybe hiring Friday the Thirteenth at the video shop. Now there are halloween events, parades and parties, and lots of halloween decorations and costumes to help you have some creative fun.

This site provides a place for you to register your suburb as a Halloween suburb. List the streets that take part in trick or treating in your suburb, and local customs (such as tying black, orange or purple balloons to your house if you still have treats left), and preferred times for children to trick or treat. You can find or list a Halloween event, if it is open to the public.

Learn places to buy halloween decorations and costumes. Get ideas for decorating your house with a Halloween theme.

Try recipes for Halloween parties, with a twist. Using Australian ingredients.

Show off and share photos of your costume or decorations.

This aims to be a family-friendly Halloween site, so occasionally the forum has a block to stop spam.

CostumeBox is still the best place to buy halloween costumes in Australia online. I ordered the skeleton for one of my boys, the Ms Krueger for me, and heaps of decorations, including the deluxe graveyard kit on Sunday night, and it arrived safely at home on Tuesday.

It’s 2013, and there are already lots of events being added for this year. This year Halloween is on a Thursday night, so there will probably be a mix of big community/commercial events on the weekend, with the actual street trick or treating on Thursday night.

The purists are all saying that actual trick or treating should be on halloween itself, so my family is planning to hand out lollies on Thursday 31st, not the weekend. Although we will have our decorations up.  You can sort all the events by day, by clicking on the Date heading.

PS. Halloween is traditionally enjoyed on October 31 in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico and most countries. And in all the Halloweens I’ve experienced in Australia, it has been on October 31. However apparently in some parts of the world with UK traditions, Halloween has merged with on Guy Fawkes Day, on the 5th November. But the majority are on 31 October. See the Halloween History page for more details.

Regardless of which day you choose, enjoy your Halloween in Australia!

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Most of all, dress up, relax and have fun.

Happy Halloween!